Rock Girl Amanda’s First Photos

Rock Girl Amanda’s First Photos


Photos by Front Room Photography – the Official Photographer of the Rock Girl.

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Rock Girl Exclusives


VIDEO: Rock Girl Finale

Watch highlights of the 2015 Rock Girl Finale…


PHOTOS: Rock Girl Finale 2015

Congratulations to your 2015 Rock Girl… Natalie from Milwaukee!


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Rock Girl Photos


Rock Girl Natalie sparkles in her glittery dress!

Rock Girl Natalie looks amazing covered in sequins!


Rock Girl Natalie roots for The Admirals!

Rock Girl Natalie slips on her Ads sweater and screams ‘good luck’ to your Milwaukee Admirals in the Calder Cup Playoffs!


Rock Girl Natalie tunes-up her bike!

Rock Girl Natalie went to Hal’s Harley-Davidson to get her bike ready for riding season!


Front Room Photography

Front Room Photography

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