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Wednesday, February 25, 201502/25/2015

Matt Foley Wants You To Be A Badger (Video)

The University of Wisconsin dug up this video of the late Chris Farley encouraging prospective college students to be a Badger or risk living in a van down by the river.


Tuesday, February 24, 201502/24/2015

Kansas State Fans Storm Court Following Upset (Video)

Kansas State fans storm the court after upsetting Kansas. Security was unable to control the mob of fans and one Kansas player was assaulted leading to a police search for the fan.


Tuesday, February 17, 201502/17/2015

Grocery Store Bumper Cars

Grocery store parking lots are tough to maneuver. Watch this mini-van crash into 9 cars in a Piggly Wiggly parking lot.


Monday, February 16, 201502/16/2015

SNL 40th Show Open With Fallon & Timberlake (Video)

We thought the SNL 40th Anniversary Special delivered just about what SNL always delivers…..a lot of great moments, a few not-so-great moments, and a musical guest or two that had no business being on the show.


Thursday, February 12, 201502/12/2015

Gatorade brings back “Be Like Mike” Ad For 50th (Video)

Remember this earworm from the early 90’s? Gatorade has digitally remastered it and will be airing it during the NBA All-Star Game as they celebrate their 50th anniversary.


Tuesday, February 10, 201502/10/2015

Official Road Hogs Powerball Numbers

We asked callers to give us their lucky numbers to compile the ultimate communal Powerball numbers.


Tuesday, February 10, 201502/10/2015

Price Is Right ‘Rain Man’

One the heels of the Killswitch Engage member winning everything on the Price is Right, here is ‘Rain Man’ Michael nailing the exact prices on his appearance.


Monday, February 9, 201502/09/2015

NFL Films Road To Super Bowl XXXI (Video)

With the passing of legendary NFL Films founder Ed Sabol and the “official” confirmation that Brett Favre will have his number retired at Lambeau this season, we felt it fitting to once again share this great piece from NFL Films documenting the 1996-97 season.


Wednesday, February 4, 201502/04/2015

Your Chance To Appear In Packers Fan Movie (Video)

Filmmaker and Wisconsin native Ryan Churchill wants to put you in his new movie. “The Sixty Yard Line” is a comedy based on a true story about a guy that buys a house next to Lambeau.


Wednesday, February 4, 201502/04/2015

Nationwide Super Bowl Commercial (Video)

Here is the Nationwide Super Bowl commercial that is receiving a ton of backlash.


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