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Thursday, November 20, 201411/20/2014

Matthews, Bakhtiari Among Packers Appearing In “Pitch Perfect 2″ (Video)

David Bakhtiari is joined by some of his Offensive Line mates as well as Clay Matthews in the upcoming movie Pitch Perfect 2. Will they take the crown in the World Championships of Acapella? Looks like we’ll have to wait until May 15th to find out. Check out the trailer here!


Wednesday, November 19, 201411/19/2014

Great “Guardians Of The Galaxy” Dance-Off Outtake (Video)

Check out the sweet moves as Star Lord challenges Roman The Accuser to an old-school dance-off in this outtake from Guardians of the Galaxy. We were hoping for a little Cabbage Patch….but this is still pretty good.


Monday, November 17, 201411/17/2014

Movember Prostate Exam At Admirals Game (Video)

Our buddy Woj had a prostate exam on camera at the BMO Harris Bradley Center during the first period of the Admirals game Saturday night. It was all a part of our Movember campaign to raise awareness for men’s health issues and encourage guys to get checked by their own doctors by showing them how easy it is.. Don’t worry…..this video is safe for work.


Monday, November 17, 201411/17/2014

New “Empire Strikes Back” Trailer Brings Darker, More Dramatic Feel (Video)

A Star Wars fan created a new trailer for Empire Strikes Back to emulate what he thought it might look like today. Certainly gives the film a darker, more dramatic feel. You can watch it here as well as the original trailer from 1979.


Friday, November 14, 201411/14/2014

Win a Flying Cheese Wedge Guitar signed by David Bakhtiari!

Ask #69 David Bakhtiari a question for a chance to win an autographed limited-edition Flying Cheese Wedge® electric guitar from Cascio Interstate Music!


Wednesday, November 12, 201411/12/2014

Joe Helps Link Up Troops In Afghanistan With Lambeau Crowd At Halftime (Video)

As The Packers pulled out all the stops to salute our veterans Sunday night, check out this video from halftime with Joe on the mic helping to link up a group of troops in Afghanistan with their families on the field via satellite. The soldiers stationed overseas even got a “Go Pack Go” chant going with the entire stadium. Pretty awesome!


Monday, November 10, 201411/10/2014

Guard At The Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier Commands Silence From Crowd (Video)

A favorite video clip of ours worth re-posting for Veterans Day. As a couple of idiots start laughing it up, the soldier standing guard steps out of pace with rifle forward to give them a stern reminder of the expected behavior while visiting the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.


Monday, November 10, 201411/10/2014

Jordy Nelson Interview Explaining His “Mugging” During Lambeau Leap (Video)

Jordy Nelson is no stranger to the Lambeau Leap. He scored two more touchdowns Sunday night against the Bears and threw himself to the fans on both occasions. The second leap, however, was far less enjoyable than the first. Watch here as he explains during an interview with Dan Patrick.


Wednesday, November 5, 201411/05/2014

The Making Of The McRib Myth Debunked Once And For All (Video)

It comes but once a year. There are websites dedicated to its annual arrival. The McRib in all of its saucy glory has become something of a fast food legend. And as with all legends….there are those who live to shatter the image of this succulent sandwich. You’ve heard the horror stories about what ACTUALLY goes into the making of a McRib. Now see the video that puts all of the haters in their proper place.


Monday, November 3, 201411/03/2014

Whiskey Bottle With GoPro Makes The Rounds At A Wedding (Video)

Who needs to hire an expensive video company to create their wedding memories? Just strap a GoPro on a bottle of Fireball Whiskey and pass ‘er around like this family did.


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FILE- This is a 1967 handout image from Parlophone of The British group, The Beatles,. From left, are: Ringo Starr, John Lennon, Paul McCartney; and George Harrison. The woman who as a child was the basis for the Beatles song "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" is gravely ill. It was thought by many at the time that the psychedelic song from Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band was a paean to LSD because of the initials in the title, but it was actually based on a drawing that John Lennon's young son Julian brought home from school. He told his father the drawing was of Lucy in the sky with diamonds. Lucy Vodden, now living in Surrey just outside of London _ drifted apart after schoolyard days, but they have gotten back in touch as Lennon has tried to help Vodden cope with Lupus, a life-threatening disease.

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