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Bob and Brian

Meet the Cast
Meet the Cast

bob-headshotDr. Bob Madden – “The Voice Of Beef”

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As I get older I’ve learned some things:
1) I’m just as dumb as I was when I was a kid. Given the opportunity, I’ll still eat a whole family size bag of Doritos.
2) I still drink milk from the jug when no one is looking.
3) I still think I hear someone coming down the hall when I’m looking at Playboy.
4) I can’t believe everyone is not a Packers fan.
5) I still think everybody likes me.

brian-headshotBrian Nelson – “The Gangster Of Love”

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Quotes from Chairman Bri’s Little Red Book:
“If everyone in the whole world had the same skin color, hair color and eye color, if we were all the same religion, if we all had the same favorite sports teams, drank the same beer, drove the same car, and spoke the same language, if we all hung our toilet paper the same way, listened to the same music, had the same hat size, and used the same toothpaste, mankind would……still divide into at least two groups and find a reason to kill each other.”

“People hear half of what you say, remember half of what they hear, repeat half of what they remember, and screw up half of what they repeat, so if somebody says I said something there is only a 9% chance they haven’t goofed something up.”

“The North American P-51-D Mustang with the Rolls-Royce designed, Packard built, Merlin engine and Laminar flow wing is the greatest airplane ever built. We should build more of them, just because we can.”

“If only there were some kind of giant world wide river of information, available at any time to anyone in the world who has the right equipment, that is relatively easy to use, and available at a nominal expense…….but where would we get such a thing?”

“The characters on Gilligan’s Island represent the seven deadly sins. Mr. Howell is Greed, Mrs. Howell is Sloth, Ginger is Vanity, Mary Ann is Jealousy, Professor is Pride, Skipper is Anger, and Gilligan is Gluttony. If you really think about it, you will see it’s all true. How can anyone say that was not a great show?”

“Mao. Now there’s a snappy dresser.”

“The only possible explanation for that is because I’m narrow-minded.”

carrie-headshotCarrie Wendt – “The First Lady of Wisconsin News”   (a.k.a. The Ivory Queen of Soul)

If you hear me on the Bob & Brian Show regularly it probably feels like you know me fairly well.  Let’s take a moment and explore what you may not know about me.

I’m what you call a “tragic figure.”  Lots of bad stuff happens to me all the time.  Seriously… if something in my life can either work out well or go horribly wrong… it’s truly amazing how often it’s the latter.  Now… I should also admit that I am also the product of ridiculously bad choices.  I mean totally impulsive life-changing disastrous choices are really kinda how I roll.  In all honesty… I should be dead….and the things that I have survived give me panic attacks if I think about them too much.  There are things I have done in my life that no one would ever guess.  A few “highlights” include…

  • Cleaning up blood at a murder scene
  • Hid behind a shrub during a gun battle on North Avenue
  • Hung out with lots of rappers at Sonny’s on Broadway like EPMD and Biz Markie

It’s a strange combination of both being an adrenaline junkie and having a ghetto past.  But I also grew up working for one of the richest Brewing families and lived most Summers at a motel in Mequon until I learned to drive.  I’ve met and spoken with lots of famous people… and that was before even getting into radio.

It’s really interesting being me.  I am versatile in the extreme.  I’m in my 40’s and keep waiting for wisdom that never seems to come.  I’ve recently discovered that my favorite people in the world are 10 and 11-year-old boys as we have exactly the same sense of humor.  My working life has been a mix of talent and good luck.  My private life has been part Pulp Fiction and part Parenthood.  I know who I am and I know who I am not… and the latter, I’ve found, is a lot more important.

If you have anything you’d like to share… you can email me news tips, traffic reports, pick-up lines and phone numbers at

If you just can’t get enough of me, you can read a couple of interviews I did for OnMilwaukee.comThe 2007 Article | The 2001 Article

eric-headshotEric Jensen (The Alverno Avalanche)

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I am a proud double Letter winner at Alverno College and hold various records in football and tumbling.

After 4 seasons as the Inferno’s punishing running back I have accomplished the following:
– All time rushing record holder 8,238 yards
– Single season rushing record 2,463 yards

Winner of countless ribbons in competitive tumbling. The step hurdle cartwheel was my best move but I usually closed with a bridge kickover. I attribute my success in athletics to the flexibility and strength that I developed in tumbling. It also taught me to follow directions, listen, and interact with peers. Skills that are priceless in the day to day miracle that is the Bob & Brian Show.

Now that I have exhausted my eligibility I have joined the Spirit Club and hope to become president one day. Go Inferno!

Check out the story by WISN 12’s Stephanie Sutton

SteveSteve Czaban

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The Original Sports Donkey. Czabe’s been hanging around for over 10 years. If you’re not sick and tired of his sports-based commentary… listen longer.

The Sports Report with Steve Czaban can be heard around 8:10a weekday mornings, that is, if he wakes up on time.

We highly recommend for everything sports and snicky’s.

JimFireman Jim

Need Help?* Email Fireman Jim at

*in the event of a real emergency, The Bob & Brian Show can not guarantee an immediate response from Fireman Jim, please hang up and dial 9-1-1. Thank you.

Gettin’ hitched or throwin’ a kick-ass party? Then you need a good DJ and Fireman Jim brings the…hits. Visit Fireman Jim Productions for all the info.


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Bob And Brian

Meet the Cast

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