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Bob & Brian Dictionary
Bob & Brian Dictionary

“90% of everything is crap” – Brian’s view on the world

A.J. Christopher – A much-traveled veteran disc jockey, AJ calls in to talk radio with his golden pipes.

All My Packers While Wisconsin sports fans suffered through the Bart Starr, Forrest Gregg and Lindy Infante years, All My Packers chronicled our pain in soap opera form.

Alverno College – Eric Jensen’s alma mater.  He starred on the football team and was called the Alverno Avalanche.

Bob & Brian OPEN Wisconsin’s best golf tournament.  Proves former program director John Duncan wrong when he told Bob and Brian that it wouldn’t work because their listeners don’t golf.

Bob & Brian Radiothon – Held annually during April, Bob and Brian stay on the air for 2 days to raise money for the MACC Fund.  They will play any song (and we mean ANY song), classic B&B bits, or do pretty much anything for a buck. Bid on an auction item to help kids beat cancer!

Bob’s LiesBob has been known to make pronouncements that are not entirely fact-based.  Regardless, Bob will stand behind such lies as:

• Bob served a tennis ball 114 mph. He knew how fast it was going because Deb was driving the car next to it.
• Check out the inside of a bra after the day is done. It will be filled with “Breast Goo.” Bras are used as sanitary devices.
• There’s an interactive CD-ROM game at the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame where you can be a rock star and try to stay away from drugs and alcohol.
November is Nude Month.
• Mir Space Station docking is most dangerous because they shoot at each other for dramatic purposes.
• In 1898, there were no shovels, so people had to kick away snow.  In 1912, Eliza Shovel invented the shovel.
• Jon Bon Jovi played Pugsley Addams on TV as a child.

Bob’s Nose – Bob uses his nose as a musical instrument and proved it by using it to perform “I Can’t Tell You Why” by The Eagles

The Boy – Brian’s son, Nick. Also referred to as “Uday”.

Broadcast  Student – Brian sometimes will read liners as Broadcast Student, with a stilted awkward delivery.  Listen to college radio.  You’ll hear what we’re talking about.

Bucktooth Bob – Due to unfortunate dental issues, Bob spent the formative years of his life with buck teeth, hence, the nickname “Bucktooth Bob.”

Carrie Wendt – Carrie does News and Traffic on the Bob & Brian Show.

Bob & Brian Albums – Collect them all!

2015 Yankee Doodle S.O.B.
2014 Shut Yer Gob
2013 Toilet Cat
2012 Average Looking Donkeys
2011 Scrapbook Of Hate
2010 Lickin’ The Beaters
2009 MyFaceTube
2008 Pounded Clowns
2007 Premium Hair Ring
2006 The Adventures of Captain Wizzo
2005 Mexican Bologna Roll
2004 Stench Ranch
2003 Albanian Love Stories
2002 Horrifying Zubaz
2001 By The Numbers
2000 Very Close Enemies
1999 What A Blast!
1998 Strange Load
1997 Warning: Do Not Eat The Contents Of This Package
1996 Individually Twisted
1995 Tahellwitchoo!
1994 Ripped
1988 All My Packers II
1987 All My Packers

“Country” Stadium – the Bob and Brian title for the Brewers’ old “County Stadium”. In its last few years, was also referred to as “Third World Country” Stadium.

Da Big Manz – see “Santana Dotson”

Dan Patrick – Former sports guy.  We don’t know what happened to him.

The Deuce – Bob’s daughter Courtney.  The second born of the clan. Also a former RoadHOG.

Dick Love – A character played by Bob, usually during the Radiothon, during the overnight hours.  He gave love advice to the forlorn, and also wanted to know what the female callers were wearing.

Donkey – A listener or friend of the show.  Usually male.

Drew Olson – Former beatwriter for the Brewers.  Comes in to talk baseball and sports in general.

Duane Gay – Former television news anchor and friend of the show. The double-disc The Duane Gay Stories (out of print) was created as a memorial to Duane in 2005.

Eric Jensen Bob &  Brian’s Producer.

Fireman JimFire Safety Expert and Star Wars enthusiast.

Firewoman Dorene MichaelsCarrie’s fill-in n news and traffic and Fireman Jim enthusiast.

Frank Caliendo – Omnipresent impressionist, known best for his John Madden impression.  See him in Vegas.

Gary Graff – Music expert.  He’s calls in on Fridays around 7:50am.

“God bless George Petak” – State legislator whose decision to change his vote on a stadium tax made Miller Park possible.

Google – A little known website that Brian found. Has become an integral part of the show ever since.

Have a crappy day.  Enjoy your crummy job. – The correct way to end a call on the Bob & Brian Show.

Hoss – Bob’s daughter Danielle.  First-born.  Also the name of Bob’s “band” at Summerfest with Duane Gay

ICU – talk about vanity license plates

I’m Calling It – Your opportunity to predict something that will happen in the future and would like it documented.

“It’s Raining Men” – Steve Czaban’s theme song.  Chosen because it is Homer Simpson’s favorite song.

Jean-Claude Van Damme  – One of the worst interviews ever on the Bob & Brian Show.  See also Tom Clancy.

Jimmy “Masterlock” Dugan – Gambling degenerate.  He calls in on Fridays during football season to give his picks for the weekend to help you “crush your man”.

John Jaha –  Former Milwaukee Brewer.  At spring training, Bob asked him “When are you getting injured this year?”

Kirk Rocker – Shock jock.  He likes to think he tells the truth and the Man can’t handle it.  Also likes to use the word “ass” a lot.

Mark Metcalf –  Actor best known for his roles as Niedermayer in Animal House, the Maestro on Seinfeld, and the authority figure in several Twisted Sister videos.  Now he lives in Montana or somewhere.

Mark Patrick – Former Sports Guy.  Did impressions of Sal Bando, Marge Schott, and other sports celebrities.

The Mention for Financial Ascension“Bob and Brian play even less variety of music than they did before the turn of the century…because variety is not the answer to our problems. Ahoy, Ahoy!”  During The Bob and Brian Morning Show, (weekdays from 5a-10:30a) members of the show may decide to call any telephone number in the United States at random. If the person answering the call says this exact phrase, he/she will win $100 from The Bob and Brian Radio Network. Any response from the contestant not exactly matching the phrase listed above will be deemed unacceptable and no prize will be awarded.

Mike Toomey – Comedian and master impersonator.  His specialty is Adam West and characters from the old (read: good) Batman TV series.

Mr. Hate – Station marketing guy.  He’s in charge of keep Bob and Brian from doing things that will lead to us losing our FCC license.

On The Job – A series of live broadcasts / taking the show on the road.

One Question Line Every day around 6:50am, Bob and Brian open up the One Question Line.  Callers may call  in and ask one question, and one question only.  They must phrase it in the form of a question and cannot begin the sentence with “I was wondering…” There is also a Ladies-Only One Question Line, where only calls from women are accepted. And the rare (and risky) One Question Line LIVE!

R’sBI’s – Runs Batted In

Rock – Eric Jensen’s other nickname.  “E-Rock” is also acceptable.

Santana Dotson – Former Packer and Super Bowl champion.  “Da Big Manz” talks Packers during football season.

Sarica Jessica Parker – Brian’s pronunciation of the Sex and the City star’s name.

Showbiz News – Get the latest in entertainment news in the 7am hour from gossip expert…  Brian?

Singing Douchebag – Some guy calls during the One Question Line and sings, so we keep him on the air and pressure him to make it through the song, because he is not expecting, or wanting, to have to sing more than a few seconds.  He obviously has no life.

Snicky-Snack – A hot woman.

Spring Bend – annual show broadcast from Paradise.

Spritle – Bob daughter #3, McKenzie.

Steve Czaban Sports guy, golfer, gambler, Redskins fan, and lover of all things digital and snicky.  He’s on with the boys around 8am every day.

Steve Radke – Eric’s former back-up producer.  Once a Road HOG. (left the show in January 2011)

Sweaty Robinson – Known for doing “fine-ass sports”.

Thanks for listening, gosh we’re sorry – Post show apology to cover everything

That Bitch – Mike Holmgren.

This Day In History – If you don’t learn it, you are doomed to repeat it.  Let history buff Brian help you.

The Throbbing Brain – When Bob and Brian can’t figure out a problem, or need the answer to a tough question, they turn to the Throbbing Brain, AKA the listening audience. Inevitably someone calls/texts with the correct answer.

Tom Clancy – One of the worst interviews ever on the Bob and Brian Show.  See also Jean Claude Van Damme.

Uday – Brian’s son, Nick.

Vern Cunningham – A Hard-of-hearing carny that calls in to talk about life at the fair.

“Where Ya Goin’, What Ya Takin’?” – Segment that usually runs during the holidays.  Callers let us know where they are going for Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. and what are they taking with them. New spin-off in ’07: “Where ya huntin? Whatcha takin?”.

Wikipedia – All facts, all the time. Bob & Brian have a listing on Wikipedia

Who Made Your Shirt? – Look at your tag and see where your shirt was made.

Who’s The Stiff? Played weekday mornings at 9:50a. Two players compete head-to-head… with a different prize each weekday AND the chance to win a $5,000 vacation from Fox World Travel!

Woman’s Problems – An opportunity for woman listeners to call in with their problems, and have Bob and Brian help them out.

Young Eric – Eric Jensen has a baby face and has been referred to by this nickname.  Young Eric also loves juice boxes and refers to his wife as “Mother.”

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Who’s The Stiff?

Fox World Travel presents Who’s The Stiff? Two players compete head-to-head… with a different prize each weekday AND the chance to win a $5,000 vacation!

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